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Industrial Duty Bucket Elevators

Howell Industrial Elevators are available in capacities from 25-750 TPH.  Industrial Elevators are typically built with heavier gauge steel and extra structural components to insure maximum structural integrity when handling heavier density and more abrasive bulk materials. Industrial Elevators are available in painted mild steel, stainless steel, and galvanized steel. They also include abrasive resistant wear points.

S-M Enterprises works around Moorhead, Fargo, Alexandria, and Grand Forks. We look forward to building the industrial duty bucket elevators that fits your product transportation and processing needs.

Elevator Head Section

The Howell Industrial head section base is usually constructed of 10 ga., 7 ga. or 1/4”, and the two piece hood design is made from at least 10 ga. The head is designed with reinforcement to withstand the extreme torque that drive components produce. Each head section uses four bolt roller pillow block bearings with an adjustment bolt to provide easy shimming to achieve proper alignment of the lagged pulley. Abrasive Resistant steel, ceramic, or urethane liners are also available in three different patterns depending on the desired amount of wear protection. Industrial Elevator heads use a fixed motor mount. The base section has a weather proof inspection door for inspecting pulley and a weather proof maintenance panel for servicing the discharge spout. The throat utilizes an adjustable high durometer wiper for product control. The hood has an inspection door to check for proper discharge.

Elevator Intermediate Casing

Howell Industrial Elevators intermediates are constructed with 10 ga., 7 ga., or ¼” and have 2”, 2 1/2” or 3” flanges and vertical stiffeners on the corners depending on the size of the elevator. Industrial Elevators use a single trunk that houses the upside and downside belt and cups. There is also an inspection section that has a 5’ door for installing belt and cups, and an inspection door to check that cups are filling properly. This inspection section is constructed with 7 ga. or ¼” depending on the size of the elevator.

Elevator Boot Section

The Howell Industrial Boot section is constructed with 1/4” or 3/8” depending on the size of the elevator. The boot uses four bolt flange or 4 bolt roller pillow block bearings with adjustable travel screw type take ups to adjust belt tension and uses a winged pulley. There are two bottom cleanouts and an inspection door. The boot uses an inlet feed at or above the center line of the pulley in the highest take-up position for optimal performance. The boot is a completely bolt together design.

Elevator Platforms, Ladder, and Cage

Howell also offers Head Service Platforms and Rest Platforms as options, which easily mount to the casing. The OSHA ladder and cage is supplied with brackets that also attach to the elevator casing.

Heat Sensors and Speed Monitors

Upon customer request bearing heat sensors and shaft speed sensors can be installed. Elevators also are available with belt alignment sensors.






Head Service Platform
Distributor Service Platform
Explosion Panels