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Howell Grain and Feed Legs

Howell Grain and Feed Legs are available in capacities from 500-60,000 BPH which is calculated at water level full in the cups. However the cups will hold five degrees over that level and the capacity may be based on that. Howell legs use an adjustable shroud to control airflow, and to center grain flow in the discharge. This can increase your facilities profit by reducing grain damage caused by pre discharging and down legging. We pride ourselves on the durability, strength and low maintenance of our legs, which are available in painted mild steel, stainless steel, and galvanized steel, and also include abrasive resistant wear points.

S-M Enterprises works around Moorhead, Fargo, Alexandria, and Grand Forks. We look forward to building the grain and feed legs that fits your elevator and equipment needs.

Leg Head

The Howell head section is constructed with 10 ga. base and a 12 ga. two piece hood design. The head is designed with reinforcement to withstand the extreme torque that drive components produce. Each head section uses two or four bolt roller pillow block bearings with an adjustment bolt to provide easy shimming to achieve proper alignment of the lagged crowned pulley. Abrasive Resistant steel, ceramic, or urethane liners are also available in three different patterns depending on the desired amount of wear protection. 5-30 hp legs use a universal motor mount, while 40+ hp uses a motor specific mount which uses adjustment bolts. The base section has a weather proof inspection door for inspecting the pulley. There is also a weather proof maintenance door for servicing the discharge spout. The hood has a relief door on top, and inspection door to check for proper discharging. Howell legs also use an adjustable shroud to fine tune the grain flow which allows maximum capacity of the leg.

Leg Casing

Howell leg casing is constructed with 12 ga. or 10 ga. and either 1½” or 2” flanges depending on the size of the leg. Each 10’ section of leg is made up of a down leg and an up leg which is supported to each other with tie braces. There is also an inspection section that has a 5’ door for installing belt and cups, and an inspection door to check that cups are filling properly. This inspection section is constructed with 10 ga. or 7 ga. depending on the size of the leg. Explosion panels are also available upon request.

Leg Boot

The Howell Boot section is constructed with 7 ga. or ¼” depending on the size of the leg. The boot uses four bolt flange bearings with 12” travel screw type take ups to adjust belt tension and uses a crowned or winged pulley. The boot uses an inlet that is mounted at or above the center line of the pulley for optimal performance. The boot is a completely bolt together design. Howell also makes a Back Leg Roll, which is used when there is minimal space to install a leg. This allows the boot to use a smaller pulley than the head to decrease its size.

Leg Platforms, Ladder, and Cage

Howell also offers Head Service Platforms, Distributor Platforms, and Rest Platforms as options, which easily mount to the casing. The ladder and cage is supplied with brackets to attach to the tie braces on each leg casing.

Heat Sensors and Speed Monitors

Upon customer request bearing heat sensors and shaft speed sensors can be installed. Legs also are available with belt alignment sensors.

Explosion Suppression

Explosion suppression is available on all Legs upon customer request. This can greatly reduce damage and injury as the result of a dust explosion.